Shadows within Shadows


The sleepy town of Salem has always been considered a boring town by it’s younger residents. Sure, it has its rumors and its secrets like any other town, but who really believes that the abandoned house on the hill is haunted, or that the reason Jimmy Hilton didn’t come home two months ago was because he was abducted by aliens? None of that is real. Even a town as small as Salem knows that.

Or at least… that’s what everyone wants to believe. What if that house was haunted? What if some terrifying figure was responsible for Jimmy’s disappearance? Could any of you cope with that? Yes? Then why are you lying to yourself? Why do you pretend the world is safe and sleepy when somewhere deep down, you know that the shadows crawl with terrors unimaginable?

The answer: to stay sane. Don’t look too deeply into the mysteries hiding just beyond your vision. You’ll find the harder you look, the more you’ll find… and the more you find, the more you’ll know: You can never go back to how it was.

World of Darkness: Salem

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